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Discipline can give you desired return from the market & to full-fill the same, we have develop a unique risk analysis system for you to analyze your risk bearing capacity on the basis of different aspects. Analyzing the risk before activating the services help you to identify your suitable product to trade according to your risk bearing capacity. Risk profiling is a process for estimating financial risk-taking capacity and understanding the (psychological) risk tolerance level of an individual.

Clients with Long term Investment goal or capital appreciation as investment objectives are not accepted at Asian Research Corporation Advisor.


I hereby declare that I have read, understood and personally accomplished this entire Risk Profiling Questionnaire and that the answers I have given are accurate. I understand the risk involved in investing in equities/commodities. I will exercise my own independent judgment in subscribing the suitable package/s (if any) as per my Risk Profile Score. Information are published solely for informational purposes and must in no way be construed as investment advice for a specific individual. Further, individuals should consider their own unique circumstances and investment objectives and do their own independent research before acting on any stock tip from Asian Research Corporation Real World Games makes no guarantee the tips will be profitable and past performance is never a guarantee of future performance. Unforeseen events can cause a stock to rapidly lose its value so those who purchase stocks must understand that investing involves risk and could result in the loss of some or even their entire principal in a short period of time.

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