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Asian Research Corporation is committed to extend the best possible service to its customers and believes in transparent working, We provide our customers a 1-2 days free trial to evaluate our services and support system and we expect that the client is satisfied before making the payment(s). By making the payment(s) for our services, we assume that the client has availed our 2 days free trial and read the Term of Use | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer | Disclosure and has made the payment only after being satisfied with the quality of services and support from us

We give our best efforts and are confident about the quality of services that we give. We try to give the same level of services during the trial period as well as after that, therefore there is no refund policy or cancellation of payment. Then also if the customer is not satisfied in any service or situation, we provide them with the means to get the grievances redressed.The genuine grievances of the clients are attended to by the respectively personnel in a well established manner. Dear Investors/Traders In case of any grievance against our services kindly follow the procedure given below to register your grievance with us.

Level 1 :- All the clients having grievance regarding any service or otherwise shall write a mail at To ensure timely recording and recognition of the grievance. the respective person shall revert within 3 working days w.r.t redressal of such complaint

Level 2 :- In case the client is not satisfied with the response of the first level, the grievance can be escalated to Compliance officer at and He shall ensure to resolve the grievance within 5 working days.

Level 3 :- If the client is not satisfied with compliance officer’s redressal and wants to escalate the grievance to higher authority, he/she can approach at and Phone +91-7974208597

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Please note that in case client marks a copy of mail to all the levels, it will not be considered as escalated matter, it shall in any case start from level 1 and only in case of a separate mail after expiration or reply from the previous level shall the complaint be considered at next level.